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ECU Remapping and the benifits

What are the benefits of car engine remapping?

The obvious benefit, and the main reason drivers get an engine remapped, is to boost a car’s speed and power. However, car engine remapping can also offer other positives.

Better fuel economy If you go easy on the accelerator, remapping could help to increase your car’s mpg and overall fuel economy. You’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.

Better control and drivability With an enhanced throttle and engine response, your car will feel smoother and easier to drive.

Easier towing If you use your vehicle to tow a heavy trailer or caravan, remapping will give it extra power, so it won’t have to work so hard when climbing or accelerating

Why not unleash the power of your stock engine all cars come from the manufacture with stock files on the ecu so 

What is car engine remapping?

Remapping a car, also known as ‘chipping’, is a quick and fairly cost-effective process that involves adjusting the microchip in your car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), to overwrite the manufacturer’s factory settings. This allows your car to function at its full potential.

The ECU is essentially a computer in your car that controls the power of your engine. When a car is manufactured, the default settings on the ECU software are typically set to limit its performance capabilities. Manufacturers do this to lengthen the life of a car, by adapting the software to climates, terrains and fuel qualities of a specific country. It also means they can release a faster, more powerful version at a later date.

Remapping the software and fine-tuning the engine can increase a car’s power and torque output, and maximise its overall performance by as much as 35%.

It’s highly recommended that car remapping is carried out properly to avoid the risk of engine damage. The procedure only takes about 30 minutes and, if done properly, you should notice a significant improvement in your car’s performance almost immediately.

Customer service

As a one-man auto repair service, I focus on the satisfaction of all my customers. I make sure to go the extra mile to make you happy, because otherwise I won't be able to rely on your business. That's why I am always ready to listen to any complaint, always take the time to explain and answer your inquiries, and thoroughly work on your automobile to bring it back to its best. Over time, I have garnered great reviews from my customers, making my company a trusted, reliable auto service in the area.


ENGINE CARBON CLEANING THE ULTIMATE ENGINE DETOX Carbon build-up affects every engine even yours and we can clean any combustion engine whether it be a car, van, bike or wagon. Best of all it doesn't involve high labour charges and can be completed in just over 30 minutes!!! Key benefits of an engine carbon clean: INCREASED PERFORMANCE INCREASED MPG INCREASES ENGINE LIFE DECREASED EMISSIONS DECREASED OIL CONSUMPTION DECREASED ENGINE VIBRATION RESTORED ENGINE TORQUE CLEANS THE DPF UPTO 30% A carbon clean is a preventative service and whilst we recommend a carbon clean alongside your annual service it can be completed on its own and it is worth considering the costs of some of the parts that will likely fail due to carbonisation, such as turbochargers (£700 - £5000), catalytic converters (£500 - £2000), EGR Valves (£300 - £1000) and DPF filters (£500 - £4000)


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Ford fiesta tdci had running issues eg clicking noise that has now gone and engine running smoother after a engine carbon clean
Customer review
Vw caddy had a carbon clean done and that helped the engine run smoother and better performance and helped clear dpf filter
Had my vw golf remapped by carbon engine cleaning and remapping and wow my cars awesome thank you will defo recommend

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